We at Little Active People are all about getting children active; both mentally and physically by helping to balance screen time. During this uncertain time when schools have closed and lots of families are in lockdown and isolation, many of you have told us, like us, that travel plans for the next few months have been cancelled. Whether you need them to be doing an activity whilst you work or want something to do as a family, take a look at our activities that you could do over the Summer holidays to explore the world! Here are 9 travel activities for children whilst staying at home:

Game of World Catch

Throw an inflatable globe and whoever catches it gets to answer a country themed question! Vary the question depending on the age or where you’ve already travelled to?

Atlas Scavenger Hunt

Our Atlas Scavenger Hunt is a great way of searching through the world and discovering so many new countries, rivers, seas and mountains! All the answers are A-Z to give them a clue and we’ve included an answer sheet too!

Flag Colouring

Explore new flags with these templates and enjoy some quiet colouring time. Then put them up on the wall to remind you of some happy memories or show some places they’d love to explore.

Airplane Logo Quiz

For those that love to travel, why not try our Airplane Logo Quiz? Then why not try making your own?

Make a paper airplane

Try making lots of different airplanes with our easy instructions. Select the plane you want and get ready for takeoff. Great fun educational activity – figure out which ones will go faster, further or do stunts! Then once you’ve done the Airplane Logo Quiz, cut out the tailfins and decorate your own planes!

Make a Children’s Food Passport

Here’s a fun twist on make your own passports – make a food passport for children! Try making different foods from around the world at home and when lockdown ends, head out to some restaurants – combine dining out with geography! The child can identify the food, where it came from and mark on the map. Plus they can write a review – whether they enjoyed it, what it tasted like etc. Make a food passport for children also encourages kids to try food from different countries around the world!

World Landmark Quiz

World Landmark Quiz for children is perfect to help keep the kids entertained and learning as well! Once they’ve answered the questions, they can go and do some research or make their own craft version!

Colour and explore the World Map

Our best selling colour in the world range make and ideal fun and educational gift for the kids! They can draw on and colour in the wild animals, fun facts, exotic sea creatures and famous icons using the enclosed set of ten wash-out fabric pens, learning as they go. When they’re ready, simply wash on a warm machine cycle, the ink disappears and it’s ready for the next grand tour! The range includes pillow cases, tablecloths, placemats, and bags.

Travel the World Subscription

Check out our GeoJourney set for 3, 6 or 12 months. Perfect if you are busy trying to work from home too as everything is provided! They will start off by receiving a Explorer Kit and then there will be monthly packages to learn about a new country each time.

Hope you have fun trying out these travel activities for children whilst staying at home!

Stay safe!

Jemma & Gill xxx

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