Tell a Fairy Tale Day is on 26th February. The unofficial holiday encourages celebrators to read, tell, and listen to fairy tales from around the world. We are all brought up with fairy tales and fables. Watching the old classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Bambi, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Aladdin. Reading Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, or Rapunzel. Or for a younger generation: Toy Story, Up and Inside Out.

All these tales teach us valuable (life) lessons and continue to do so in our adult lives. As you get older, you get something new from those stories. Here are some reasons why we all need some fairy tales…

  • They teach us life lessons
  • Sometimes we all need a happy ending to cheer us up!
  • A little escapism
  • They are a safe place to explore the idea that life isn’t always easy

Did You Know…

… that at least 500 versions of Cinderella have been found around the world?

You are never too old for fairy tales so here are some ways to enjoy them throughout the year and not just on Tell a Fairy Tale Day!

#1 Do Yoga

fairy tale day yoga

The positive benefits of mindfulness, breathing and stretching are boundless.

We love the FREE family yoga sessions by Cosmic Kids on YouTube. Why not spread some magic by being a Fairy, Pixie or Troll or zoom off on a Superhero adventure?

#2 Bake up some magic

fairy tale day baking

Watch your little ones make magic in the kitchen with these fairy tale cupcake kit party bags which rivals the most bulging party bag filled with plastic and other party goodies that ultimately end up in the bin!

Check out our range of magical party bags which are a unique and beautiful party favour to give to your party guests allowing them to bake delicious cupcakes whilst getting creative making and designing their own themed fairy tale card toppers to decorate them with.

#3 Fairy tale experiments

Build a zip wire for Jack to get down the Beanstalk or for Rapunzel to climb down from the top of the Tower! What happens when you change the gradient or the material? 

For lots of Fairy tale themed experiments, check out Science Sparks

#4 Colour in their dreams

This magical pillowcase has fascinating fables, myths and legends to discover and colour in and there’s even space to create and write your own story on the beautiful ‘book’ print reverse – a great addition to story time!

Click here for yours to wash out for endless fairy tale colouring in and creative storytelling fun.

#5 Fairy dust magic

tell a fairy tale fairy dust

Do you have a child who loves fairies?

Try making them some simple fairy dust to add to their fairy adventures. You can make fairy dust for them to sprinkle outside or even edible fairy dust to sweeten and add colour to their meals.

Use one of these methods to add some sparkle and magic to your child’s day.

#6 Create your own tale

Let their imaginations flow to create their own superhero adventure, take a swashbuckling pirate to the seas or create a magical kingdom either on land or in the sea…the possibilities are endless!

Checkout this brilliant book which is designed to help a child’s imagination shine and they can treasure forever. This beautiful Story Writing Activity Book (paperback) aims to guide children through the story writing process with lots of helpful tips, exercises and activities along the way.

#7 Story walk

tell a fairy tale walk

Tired of the usual fairy tales? Use a walk and your surroundings to make up your own fairytale….one seed of an idea can lead to a magical tale!

You won’t need to prepare anything as your active people will find all the necessary accessories in nature! Sticks, flowers, stones can become wands, crowns and magic potions.

Take it in turns to add the next chapter of the story as you walk along!

#8 Create your own enchanted wood

Develop their technology skills to build their own Faraway Treehouse where they can use their imagination to create a Faraway adventure!

Or if pirates and castles are more their thing, checkout this range for them to build, colour and play to their heart’s content!

#9 Fairy tale party

tell a fairy tale party

Why not hold your own Fairy tale party  one day – perfect for all the family, no matter what the age!

Dress up as your own Fairy tale character and try a Lego castle build, poison apple bobbing, crown hockey and sleeping dragons! For more fun ideas, click here.

#10 Make wishes come true

Young enchanters can make a magical bag to store all their special things, together with their own magical castle and fairy tale characters. With a sprinkle of magic, they’ll cast joy across their kingdom – all hail the princess! Check out these other magical sets.

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