This month our blog is designed to help you share a bit of magic and sparkle this Christmas. Our top five letterbox activities will not only keep your little active people entertained, but spread the gift of Christmas cheer far and wide.

spread Christmas cheer

If you’re having a ‘jolly careful’ Christmas, it’s highly likely, your celebrations will look and feel a little different this year.

The past two years have played havoc with so many aspects of our lives, but a sense of loneliness is rising. So, what better reason to entertain the kids AND spread Christmas cheer, than by sending a letterbox surprise. Whether it’s a handmade card, a home made bake or a photo, we guarantee it’s the thought that counts and it’s a sure fire way to spread love and kindness this chaotic Christmas.

#1 Fingerprint Tree Decorations

What’s cuter than little fingerprints preserved in Christmas ornaments? With a little bit of white, air drying clay, coloured ink pads and a twist of ribbon, we think loved ones will treasure these little decorations.

Using a reindeer, tree or snowman cookie cutter, cut out a range of festive shapes, remembering to make a hole with a pencil at the top to thread with ribbon.

Squish little fingers into red ink to create Rudolph noses, multicoloured ink for tree baubles and orange for snowmen’s noses and black for coal.

For an on trend Rainbow decoration, roll out a range of different sized sausages, arrange in a rainbow shape, but before sticking together with wet clay slick, use inky fingers to create an array of rainbow colours.

Leave to dry then thread with ribbon, wrap carefully and pop in a box to post.

#2 Give the gift of Christmas aromas

What does Christmas smell like to you? For many this year, a nostalgic festive aroma could do wonders for morale. Either thread on string or ribbon to make delicious smelling garlands or mix up in a paper bag as potpourri.

Carefully use star cutters or slice oranges, blood oranges, limes, grapefruit and apples into thin slices (max 0.5cms thick), dab with kitchen towel and lay on greaseproof paper.

Bake in the oven at 140C for 3-4 hours, turning every hour.

When cool, stud with a handful of cloves and thread on a garland of string, interspersing with cinnamon sticks and star anise. Alternatively mix up in a paper bag and seal as potpourri.

#3 Ready steady, bake!

They say the way to a heart is through the stomach and we can’t disagree, especially with these delicious Christmas jumper or star biscuits!

The very act of baking is a moment of mindfulness even if the clear up afterwards seems monumental! Either pre-bake and repack in the lovely festive packaging, or send these biscuit bake tins in the post – they are the perfect size for a standard letterbox. Just click on the red buttons below to take a closer look.

#4 Brown paper packages, tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things

Did you know that not all Council Recycling Centres will take wrapping paper anymore? Well it was news to us, but perhaps it’s just another excuse to get creative! So, with this in mind, whatever you choose to wrap and pop in the post, why not wrap it in your own handmade wrapping paper?

Simple, cheap and fun to make, it is also 100% recyclable!

All you need is:
I roll or several sheets of plain brown paper
1 or 2 small potatoes
Selection of small cookie cutters
Sharp knife
Poster paints or stamp blotters in a variety of colours

– Roll or lay out your plain paper on newspaper and pop an apron on little people!
– Carefully cut your potatoes in half and using a cookie cutter, cut a shape halfway into your potato half.
– Leave the cookie cutter in position and using a knife cut around the outline to create your very own potato
stamp. Repeat for new designs.
– Using a kitchen towel dab off the starch and dip into the poster paint or on your stamp ink.
– Use your potato stamps to create a varied and interesting pattern. The odd tiny fingerprint adds to the cute
– Allow time to dry, before wrapping your gifts and tying with string.

#5 If in doubt, send help!

The Christmas holidays may be full of excitement and anticipation, but there are always lulls in activity. Why not give the gift of family time with our range of letterbox sized activity gifts. Below is a selection of screen free gifts that will bring cheer to any doormat.

We hope you enjoyed our round up of Christmas letterbox activities and that they bring some cheer your way. If you have any favourite letterbox sized surprises, why not share them in the comments below? We’ll share them on our social media, so everyone can benefit.

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