TimeTokens : The Screentime Tamer


TimeTokens is the award-winning product to help your manage your children’s screentime more positively.




Beyond ready for squabble free screentime? Discover TimeTokens and empower your kids to manage screentime while having fun! Our award-winning TimeTokens Wallet Set puts the power in your child’s hands (literally) to restore family peace at switch-off time.

Get ready to:

  • Defuse grumpiness and frustration when asking your kids to turn off
  • Develop their sense of independence and nurture healthy screentime habits for life
  • Build trust and build a connection with your child as you let them be in charge
  • Spark creativity and curiosity online and off

What’s inside:

  • Orange TimeTokens storage wallet so your child can feel grown-up and keep their TimeTokens safe
  • Promise contract to reunite parent and child in managing screentime
  • Golden Ticket for rewarding and encouraging balanced screentime use
  • ‘TimeTokens’ 19 cards in 5 increments from 5 minutes to 1 hour, totalling 7 hours. Each backed with a fun introduction to The Frazzles, our fun characters waiting to inspire screen-free fun!
  • Digital LCD Countdown timer (including battery) to countdown to the end of their screentime session
  • Advisory guidelines to help you and your child make the most of TimeTokens


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