RECORDING – Helping Children to Manage Big Emotions


A recording of our children’s big emotions webinar




This recording of Helping Children to Manage Big Emotions workshop will give you an in depth understanding of your child’s brain, emotions and what to do about them. You’ll come away with a bucket load of techniques and strategies to support your child’s mental and emotional health, from mindfulness to role play, these are all scientifically proven methods for dealing with overwhelming feelings and managing stress.
The workshop covers:
– Children’s brain development
– Why children feel such big emotions
– Strategies for before, during and after meltdowns
– How negative self-talk impacts emotions and mental health
– Techniques to combat negative self-talk and boost confidence and self esteem
– What are limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
The Webinar includes a two hour presentation by Charlotte Clark. There will be the function for you to ask any questions you have on the night and Charlotte will then email the answers after the presentation has finished


About Charlotte Clark

Her work at the Happy Human Project incorporates relaxation, mindfulness and laughter yoga to give people the tools and strategies to cope in an increasingly stressful world. Happiness is a skill that can be cultivated and her workshops and classes combine scientifically-proven methods for boosting your mental health, managing and coping with stress and enabling you to feel happy, calm and confident. She helps young people to manage their emotions, feel confident and love themselves inside and out so that they can lead happy and compassionate lives.

Charlotte is on a mission to create a kinder and happier world by providing people with the knowledge and techniques to feel good, boost their confidence and take care of their mental health.

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