First Aid Courses with Emily Davies

About Emily Davies

Emily has been a front line worker in an emergency services role for over 12 years. In that time she has attended many incidents when well meaning parents, friends and passers by of an injured person have rendered first aid. Often this first aider is reluctant and not confident, relying on a vague memory of skills taught years ago! From this she completed a teaching qualification (AET) as well as an extended first aid course and began teaching. She specialises in paediatric and children’s first aid. She is accredited with Work Safe, and can offer nationally recognised Ofsted approved certification. It is her firm belief that first aid is a life skill everyone should be taught, including children, which is why she has introduced child friendly CPR dummies to her arsenal of equipment. She has big plans this year to reach more families, Schools, NCT classes, Scouts and Cadets than ever!

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