Our Story

We wanted to introduce ourselves – we are LittleActivePeople, an online marketplace for little people (and their parents) focused around active minds and active bodies.

Hi, we are Jemma & Gill, two mums to four little active people. We have built our careers in retail, travel and management over the last 20 years and alongside our passion for retail, is our passion for our families, travel and keeping active. We have used our retail experience alongside our understanding of the growing opportunities for little people to keep active, both mentally and physically, to launch our own business.

As mothers to four children, we are very aware of the current modern pressures on children and the impact this is having on their health, both physically and mentally. We pride ourselves in finding activities for our families both indoors and outdoors that stimulate the mind and body without the use of screentime. We have created this one stop shop having spent a lot of time looking for relevant clothing, toys and accessories for our children. There are so many great products out there that we wanted to bring them all together to create a great one stop shop for busy parents. This is a new venture and we are currently trying to find the perfect vendors with which to launch and grow our vision.

Jemma & Gill x