Another October Half Term is nearly upon us and so, like many of you, we are faced with the task of keeping the kids entertained and balance out that screen time! When you google ‘Ideas for kids activities in October Half Term’, lots of days out and activities come up. The majority of these involve spending (lots of) money, which in the current climate can be hard and with Christmas around the corner, many parents are thinking about saving up.

It can be a good idea to have a look at the weather and make a plan for the week. This will help you spend less money on unplanned things. Having fun doesn’t mean spending lots of money, however, so have a look at some of our ideas for kids activities for ways to have fun both inside and outside, without breaking the bank!

#1 Enjoy the garden!

There is so much to do in the garden at this time of year that it’s a perfect opportunity to get the children involved. Gill remembers sweeping leaves from my Grandparent’s drive and being paid 50p for my hard work! Here are some suggestions to encourage your children’s green fingers…

  • Those with a vegetable patch can get the children to help harvest the autumn fruit and vegetables. These can then be used to have fun cooking or baking.
  • Get the children to rake the lawn or sweep the patio and drive to clear those Autumn leaves. Use some of the leaves to create some lovely autumnal craft – read our blog Autumn – bringing the outside indoors for some great ideas.
  • Dead head the roses or tidy up the containers and hanging baskets. Great opportunity to spot some minibeasts too! Check out some of our activity boxes where there they can then play bug bingo, have their own bug hunting kit or create some bug inspired crafts.

#2 Pick your own apples!

If you’re not lucky enough to have your own apple tree, head out to a pick your own farm – search for your local one here. It’s a great way of seeing the fruit grow and encourages healthy eating. Questions such as ‘how do apple trees grow’ and ‘how do apples get to the supermarket’, turns the trip into an educational one.

Head home and have a fun game of apple bobbing or try making your own healthy applesauce with the children. It’s tasty, easy, fast to make and stores well (keeps in the fridge for at least a week and large batches can be frozen and defrosted as needed). See our recipe below:

  • Quarter 1.2kg apples, remove core and chop into small chunks. Feel free to leave the peel on to get the extra fibre and phytonutrients if you have a high- powered blender. Plus the red apples will make a lovely pinkish colour! Peel your apples if you prefer a chunkier applesauce without the pieces of peel.
  • Place apple cubes, juice of half a lemon and 6 tbsp of apple juice in a saucepan and stir to mix.
  • Heat over medium high heat until the mixture begins to bubble. Reduce heat to a low simmer and cook, partially covered, for around 15 minutes until the apples are soft (but not mushy).
  • Transfer mix to a high-powered blender. Blend on lowest speed for about 20 seconds, them gradually increase speed until the entire mix is completely smooth (2-3minutes)

#3 Pumpkin Festival

This autumn tradition is already huge in America and we’re starting to follow suit – they are open this year, just remember to book a time slot. The most convenient way of getting a pumpkin is to buy one at the supermarket. However, heading to a pumpkin patch has lots of advantages:

  • Increased choice – have fun walking up and down rows deciding on which is your perfect pumpkin!
  • The hayride – create a fun family memory and remember to take lots of fun pictures!
  • Corn mazes – pick your own pumpkin sites often have these which are a perfect adventure to go on with friends and family, as they require you to think and work together.
  • Farm animals – pick your own pumpkin sites are often found on farms. Little ones in particular love looking and petting the farm animals.
  • Food – chances are, when you participate in the activities the pumpkin patch has to offer, there will be some food stalls. We love a hot chocolate to warm those fingers when it’s cold outside!

Once you’ve chosen those perfect pumpkins, head home for some fun creative carving or get busy in the kitchen with pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie!

#4 Wash the car

Growing up in Yorkshire, with parents who were not going to splash the cash on a car wash, it inevitably fell to Gill and her sister to take part in this job! It can still be fun in the colder months – just add the layers and wellies – and then have a hot chocolate treat afterwards to warm those cold hands!

Washing the car has so many benefits:

  • A sense of responsibility, independence and pride in being helpful – cleaning is a great life skill to practise early on!
  • Fresh air from being outdoors
  • Learning about water (the value of water play cannot be underestimated)
  • Hand skill development (grasping, strength, bilateral coordination – filling, pouring, scrubbing, wiping, squeezing, manipulating…)
  • Imaginative play. The run-off can be turned into a dam in the gutter or the suds in the bucket can be used to ‘write’ on the car while it’s being cleaned!
  • A whole bunch of sensory experiences

And whilst they’re at it, bikes and scooters can be washed too!

#5 Craft

Try some of our autumn craft ideas Autumn – bringing the outside indoors that are either free or cost very little. Or start getting organised for Christmas and get them making Christmas cards, crafts or family presents!

#6 Family walk or bike ride

Walking is a brilliant activity for you and your children to spend some time together. You can do it virtually anywhere and don’t need any expensive gear. Just add the layers and pop on some comfy shoes or wellies.

Here are a few more reasons why taking a family walk is a great idea this autumn:

  • Its such a fun, interesting and educational time of year – colourful leaves, lots of things to collect (conkers, acorns, pine cones) and great puddles to jump in!
  • Sociable time spent together
  • Promotes independence and freedom – children can help make more decisions than they can in the car. They can choose to stop and look at something along the way, choose the route to walk and start to make decisions about road safety. For older children, walking independently offers some time to themselves.
  • So many health benefits! Helps boost mood and self-esteem, helping you all stay healthy in mind and body.

To add extra fun to your walk, try one of our brilliant Scavenger Hunt kits! They are the perfect size for smaller hands to hold and are waterproof so perfect for those rainy days!

#7 Den building in your garden

Get them layered up and have some fun creating dens and shelters in your back garden.

#8 Local library or museum

Head to your local library for free to read some great new stories. Look at some of your local museums which may offer free entry to locals or have some free special events. Check out your local council’s website as you may find something for your children to do that doesn’t cost a penny.

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