Here are a number of different ideas for a fun, and even educational, staycation that might even be better than an actual vacation. Most importantly, these staycation activities will keep your kids away from their screens and avoid the dreaded “I’m bored!” 

World Travel With Your Stomach 

Who doesn’t like to play “restaurant” at home? For this staycation idea, take the idea up a level and experiment with foods from countries all over the world. Print out these stickers with the national dishes of many different countries, from feijoada in Brazil to doro wat in Ethiopia. 

Then, decide whose turn it is to make dinner, attach the stickers to the weekly planner and organize a whole month of new food. It will be as if your family is traveling the world with your stomachs! (Make sure that you decide as a family which dishes you will make.)  

Download the national dish stickers printable.

Outer Space Travel on Your Pavement 

Or, why not travel to outer space for a bit and recreate the solar system on your pavement? All you need is some chalk and a measuring tool. First, draw the sun. Then, draw each of the planets at the correct distance from the sun using the printable. 

In the end, you’ll wind up with a solar system model that’s about 1.5 trillion times smaller than the actual one. This is a fun activity to spend some time outside and learn the order and general sizes of the planets. 

Download the outer space pavement chalk printable.

Traveling Around Town With Your Stuffed Buddies 

Or, maybe you can travel around your neighborhood on your staycation. Whether you’re going to the beach, the park or just walking around, take your stuffed animals along for the journey. Snap some photos of them “playing” in the park or “meeting” other animals and decorate a stuffed animal scrapbook! 

You can make a traditional scrapbook or simply hang this sheet on the bedroom wall to remember your summer activities. 

Download the stuffed animal scrapbook printable.

Check out all of these exciting printable staycation ideas, plus a number of other ideas to have a better-than-vacation experience! 

Hope you have fun trying out these staycation activities this summer!

Stay safe!

Jemma & Gill xxx

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