Welcome to Autumn – there is a chill in the air and the leaves are turning colour. It’s a great time of year to get out and explore all that nature has to offer. With the evenings drawing in, there is definitely more indoor time and there is the temptation to have longer time on screens. There are lots of different Autumn Crafts for your children to do – no matter what their age – so take a look at some of the ideas below!

If your children are not keen on the cold and wet, make sure they are layered up with warm, waterproof clothing. Then try this Scavenger Hunt list whilst on the walk home from school or on a family walk to collect some autumnal nature to use for their Autumn Crafts.

Window Art

Try this simple but fun art work at home and the best bit is that no messy glue is required!

  • Head outside and collect lots of different coloured leaves, flowers, grass and winged seeds
  • Use some masking tape to stick your sticky back plastic to the window
  • Make your own artwork putting your collection onto the sticky backed plastic
  • Put another layer of sticky back plastic on top to preserve the image for longer!

Make your conkers unconquerable

‘Tis the season for playing conkers. Not just for children either! Great old-fashioned family fun.

autumn crafts

  • Bake them on a baking tray on 140C for two hours to get them extra hard
  • Paint them with a few layers of clear nail varnish for super shiny and strong conkers
  • Leave some in a dry place for next year to become really tough

Memory game

Autumn version of the memory game. Great game for teaching them about the season and gets their memories working! We like to get the children to take turns in removing items to test our memories too!

autumn crafts

  • Collect autumn based items (see our scavenger hunt)
  • Place them on a tray
  • Let the children have a look at the tray
  • Take the tray away and remove an item
  • Can they work out which item you took?

Autumn tree

One of our favourite autumn crafts – let them make their own autumnal tree! Paint their hand and arm brown to make the trunk and then let them use their fingertips to create the colourful leaves. Have you got a budding Georges Seurat in the making? For extra depth, stick on some of the colourful leaves or winged seeds they’ve collected.

autumn crafts

Apple bobbing

An old party favourite! Go to a local orchard and collect some apples and then put in a bucket of water. Have fun trying to pick as many out with your teeth – no hands allowed!

autumn crafts

Pine cone bird feeder

Fun to make with kids of all ages. Try identifying the birds or counting them and you’ve got an art and science lesson at the same time!

  • Have fun collecting some pine cones.
  • Tie the string, twine or wire to the pine cone. Leave a long enough piece at the top so that you can hang the bird feeder later.
  • Cover the pine cone in peanut butter.
  • Coat the peanut butter in bird seed by rolling the pine cone in a dish filled with bird seed and pat down.
  • Hang your pine cone bird feeder outside high enough so that the local cats don’t get to them!

Acorn wreath

Have fun collecting lots of acorns and then make this beautiful wreath to decorate your house or front door this Autumn!

  • Cut out two wreath shapes from thick cardboard and stick together.
  • Add a generous amount of strong glue to the wreath and attach the acorns. Let it dry overnight.
  • Cover with Mod Podge or something similar to help stick the acorns together and give it a shine.
  • Once dried, add a ribbon and hanging ribbon

Painted acorns

We love the bright, unique colour of these painted acorns and it’s a fun activity for you all to sit and enjoy! Put them in bowls or jars to brighten up your home this autumn.

  • Wash and dry the acorns and place on a towel to dry for around an hour
  • Place on a tray and bake on a low setting for up to 2 hours. Remove and let cool
  • Paint using acrylic paint and let dry on a sheet of newspaper or baking sheet.

Stone painting

This is a great activity around us and am sure you can find a local rock group! Have fun finding the decorated stones whilst out and about and then re-hide for others to find. Here’s how to have fun creating your own….

  • Use acrylic paint or pens to draw a picture or message onto the rock.
  • Cover with varnish to ensure that the paint does not leak off into the environment.

Autumn leaf garland

We love this craft of bringing is some of the beautiful coloured leaves and making a decorative garland to brighten the home!

  • Press some colourful leaves
  • Use sharpie metallic markers to write things that you are grateful for (e.g. family, love, food, chocolate!) on some of the leaves and decorate the rest.
  • Use a hot glue gun to glue the stems of the leaves to some ribbon and hang up!

Thank you for reading and hope these indoor autumn crafts and activities provide you with some fun to bring the autumn indoors and balance out the screen time!

Jemma and Gill xx

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