As you become a mum, your entire life changes and it’s an emotional rollercoaster without a manual! One minute it’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever achieved and the next it can be overwhelming and lonely. Your life priorities change and we know that as mums, our own needs often get neglected too which has an impact on our mood.

The Mum Manual is here to support you as a mum and a woman and stop that feeling of isolation. Whether you’re a working or stay at home mum, we’ll go on the journey of parenthood with you. The Mum Manual provides you with a range of videos from experts and with all the tools in one place, it aims to help you feel more empowered and give you that “I’ve got this!” feeling more often. Our Mum Manual encourages you to put yourself first sometimes and helps you feel like you again.

our story

Hey there, we’re Jemma & Gill, founders of The Mum Manual

two mums to five little active people and we love helping out other mum’s on the hard journey of raising children!

There are so many modern day pressures we now experience that we didn’t have when we were growing up that lead to us regularly feeling overwhelm and mum guilt and feeling a bit lost as to where to find the support.

Our mum’s manual was born from meeting so many fabulous experts through Little Active People and wanting to put them all together to help other mum’s go through the parenting journey!

This is what you get as a member of The Mum Manual….

activity ideas

Being a mum can be a jack of all trades. Thankfully we have some experts who will help each month with those parenting pain points!


As women we go through lots of changes. Our experts will come to talk to us each month to help us ensure we take care of ourselves too!

Our community brings together friendly, supportive mums from all stages of the mum journey so you know you’re not alone.


Being a mum can be lonely sometimes. Our meet ups provide a kind and friendly environment to talk openly and meet other mums.

screentime and online safety

It’s not just the children who should have a playdate! Mums need fun and interactive socials to help them feel like yourselves again.


We know it can be hard trying to keep up with eveerything that’s going on so we’re here to save you time and help keep you organised!

If you’re needing some support, then come and join our family…sign up for information about our launch event! 
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