by travelswithmum

I have an anxious kid who doesn’t like to fly.

He has always had anxiety to varying levels in varying situations but it wasn’t until recently he revealed to me that he get very anxious about flying. My immediate reaction was to say ” No you don’t, you have gone on lots of flights with no problems!”, then I realised that he does, he just hides his anxiety, well to a point.

I remembered back to the flights he has taken…. the one he didn’t sleep at all on a 24 hour flight/ journey, the time that he started saying he was going to vomit while in the check in line, the sleepness nights and nightmares that he cant describe a couple of days before a flight and the arguments / trying to control situation / people while in the airport…. yep all typical signs of anxiety!!

So this time on our flight to Japan we are going to be prepared. If fact my son ( 11 years old) is beginning to take control of his anxieties, and came up with most of these ideas himself!

So here they are:

  1. Fidget toys:

When he gets anxious my son tends to want to move / not sit still etc. By using a fidget spinner, cube, squishy toy this will help control his urge to fidget and therefore (hopefully!) keep his anxiety controlled.

2. Chewy necklace:

Years ago my son would chew on his shirt when he was anxious and this necklace curbed the need for it, it helps to also calm him down in stressful situations… like flying!!!

3. Electronics:

We don’t own an Ipad and he doesn’t have a phone yet, so he uses an MP3 player and a kindle filled with his favourite music and books to help take his mind of things, and it also helps him to go to sleep.

4. Mind games:

Another trick we have recently discovered to help with anxiety is using mind games / puzzles to redirect your mind. My son loves Sudoku (I on the other hand have no idea what they are about!) so he has packed the new Sudoku book he got for Christmas.

5. Essential oils:

I’m am new to the essential oil game, but we have been using lavender oil recently in a diffuser and it seems to work. We are taking it with us to put on his wrists and temples to help with his anxiety.

So there it is, my son’s 5 five ways he is going to help his anxiety about flying!

Do you have any suggestions to help kids with anxiety and flying?

Please share below!

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