Jemma’s crew have had the email to say that their swimming lessons are due to start in just over a week. As with anything nowadays, there are a whole lotta rules and changes to how the lessons will be run to help reduce the risk of Covid spreading. Samuel and Poppy are excited to be heading back into the pool but are a little anxious about all the changes so we have thought how we can make swimming lessons a little less stressful!

Top Tips

There’s a lot to get your head around with all the new changes so here are our 5 top tips to help make to swimming lessons a little less stressful:

  1. Talk to your child beforehand: the swim school will be following government guidelines set by Swim England and Swimming Teachers Association – they will have many new rules in place and swimming lessons will likely look different than before. If your child knows where they need to go and where stand etc, then this will help them be prepared and reduce any anxiety they might have.
  2. Be ‘Beach Ready’: by changing your child at home/in the car before going in and sending them in with just a hooded towel, it means that they can just head to the pool and avoid lots of people in the changing rooms.
  3. All wear crocs/flipflops: saves everyone crowding round to take shoes/socks off or to put covers over shoes.
  4. Take a hooded towel to wrap them up in and head home: to save time crowding round the showers and changing rooms, pop them in a warm, hooded towel and pop them back in the car. They can then shower as long as they want at home!
  5. Take an extra towel for them to sit on in the car: just a little extra protection to keep the car seat dry!

Hoping that your Little Active People enjoy their new swimming lessons and that these tips will help make adapting to the new term a little easier!  If you have any tips to make swimming lessons a little less stressful, then let us know!

Jemma and Gill xxx

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