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5 Games to Help Improve Children’s Spelling

by Little Writing Company Hundreds of years ago there were no rules about how things were spelt – you just spelt words how you wanted! Nowadays spellings are very much set in stone with children often being judged on their spelling more than any other aspect of...

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Part of the fabric of life….

by Miss Shelly Designs Wow, I had such a great response from my Instagram post yesterday after I told you all how I was going to be teaching the children at my son’s school how to sew! I think learning to sew is a really valuable life skill, so the fact that I can...

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5 Ways to Help Anxious Children to Fly

by travelswithmum I have an anxious kid who doesn’t like to fly. He has always had anxiety to varying levels in varying situations but it wasn’t until recently he revealed to me that he get very anxious about flying. My immediate reaction was to say ” No you don’t,...

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